Participate in paid economics experiments with LEEPS lab at UCSC

The LEEPS Lab at UCSC's Economics Department is looking for people to participate in economics experiments in 2021-22.

Each session lasts 1 – 2 Hours.

You'll earn at least $7, usually $15 - $25, depending on your luck and skill. 

You're paid through Venmo at the end of the session.

Experiments are held online and in-person.

Help us study economics!

We're seeking several hundred people to take part in many sessions this year. So there will be ample opportunity for you to participate!

Interested? Register online at  >> click register 

After you register, LEEPS Lab will email you invitations as sessions are scheduled. If the date and times work for you, simply sign-up. If not, just wait for the next invitation. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

Questions comments and concerns, please email