Forms, Petitions and Policies

Instructions for Computer Science Course Petitions: 

1. Gather as much course information as possible about the course you are hoping to substitute for the requirement. The petition will ask for course website and instructor contact info. A course syllabus or other detailed list of topics covered in the course plus the title of any textbook (if applicable) is ideal. Catalog descriptions are generally not enough information.

2. Fill out a Computer Science Course Substitution Petition. Copies of this petition can be found outside of the undergraduate advising office or can be printed off of our forms website.

3. Scan and send the petition to the Computer Science Undergraduate Program Director.

  • Petitions should be emailed to

  • Be sure that your email includes your Name and your Student ID number in the subject or body of the email.

4. Drop off a paper copy of the petition with BSOE Undergraduate Advising during open hours.

You will receive an email when a decision on the petition has been reached. The department makes their best effort to turn petitions around as quickly as possible. However, some decisions can take 2-4 weeks, depending on the request.