Projects from Top Banks/Consultancies - Ending Soon!

The following projects/challenges will be wrapping up soon. Each of these is from top banks/consultancies:

Top Bank: Project Community Impact - This challenge asks solvers to design the bank’s ESG website and give insights into what they think the layout and focus should look like. Renders, mock websites, and prototypes are highly encouraged!

KPMG: Propose a way to keep contract talent engaged in between projects

Student Focused company: Design a digital solution to help students prepare for life after school
NOTE: A note/tip if you plan to solve it - the company is not looking for ideas that already exist (e.g. peer to peer). They also do not want students to just elaborate on the problem but actually put in a well thought out idea to solve that problem.

Top Financial Firm: How can an auto/property insurance company better engage with consumers under 35?

Reach out to if you have any questions.