Promoting the new CSE newsletter!

In fall 2021, the Baskin School of Engineering welcomed a new weekly newsletter to its official communications. Introducing the CSE newsletter, a publication curated specifically for computer science and engineering majors! Issues are individually written each week and reviewed thoroughly by our team before send-off to provide an accurate, informative overview of what events and opportunities are being offered on campus. Key features of the newsletter include a greater focus on student body clubs and events, chronologically sorted announcements in a calendar format, and weekly original content from our writers.

For students that were not automatically subscribed, or non-BSOE majors that are interested, our Google Group [cse-news] can be visited and joined at this link. Email accounts from can freely join [cse-news], while outside emails will need to request membership and be manually approved. The [cse-news] Google Group acts as our mailing list., so feel free to spread this link as an easy way to subscribe.

Past issues can be viewed at this public Google Drive.

We hope the CSE newsletter satisfies you. Thanks for your support, slugs!