Reader or Tutor needed for Fall18, BME18 Scientific Principles of Life

If anyone is interested to be a Reader or Tutor for my new class, BME18 Scientific Principles of Life, please complete a Reader & Tutor Application for the Fall18 quarter.

More information on the class is listed below.

Thanks. -David

Course Description: The principles of life as it exists on this planet and how they generalize. Darwinian evolution, genomes, scientific theories of life (mechanistic, thermodynamic, information theoretic). Future of life: Internet, machine learning and adaptation, artificial intelligence, genome editing, fully artificial life. 5-course credit. This course satisfies the 5 unit undergraduate requirement for Scientific Inquiry. The new Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics major will require students take either this course or Bioethics (BME 80G) as part of the curriculum.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Soc Sci 2 Building, Room 71, 10:40am - 11:45am

Enrollment Requirements and Prerequisites: None

Assignments & Grading: Grades are based 50% on exercises/challenges/games/projects to be done on a laptop connected to the Internet (computer coding ability not required, but students may gain some exposure). In-class multiple choice quizzes and random pop questions will count for 20% and final 30% of the grade.



Date                Lecturer                     Topics

Fri., Sept 28    David Haussler            General properties of life: how are we different from rocks? Illustrations of abstract properties of life using Conway’s Game of Life.

Mon., Oct 1     David Haussler            Where life fits in the grand scheme of the universe: time, place, scale

Wed., Oct 3     David Haussler            Evolution by natural selection

Fri., Oct 5        David Deamer (BE)      A brief history of life as we know it (lecture 1)

Sun, Oct 7 @11:59pm                          Assignment 1 Due: Conway's Game of Life

                                                             Discussion Blog 1 Due: Conway's Assertion

                                                             Discussion Blog 2 Due: The Gosper Glider Gun

Mon., Oct 8     Harry Noller (MCD)      A brief history of life as we know it (lecture 2)

Wed., Oct 10   David Haussler            A brief history of life as we know it (lecture 3)

Fri., Oct 12      David Haussler            The Human Genome Project

Sun., Oct 14 @ 11:59pm                     Assignment 2 Due: Big Numbers and Fermi Paradox

Mon., Oct 15   David Haussler            What we learn from sequencing genomes (lecture 1)

Wed., Oct 17   David Haussler            What we learn from sequencing genomes (lecture 2)

Fri., Oct 19      David Haussler            What we learn from sequencing genomes (lecture 3)

Sun., Oct 21 @ 11:59pm                     Assignment 3 Due: Simulation of Evolution

Mon., Oct 22   Beth Shapiro (EEB)    What we learn from sequencing genomes: applications of genomics -- ancient DNA, introgression, conservation genomics (what genomes, rather than bits and pieces, can tell us) (lecture 4)



Wed., Oct 24   David Haussler            Quiz Day

Fri., Oct 26      David Haussler            Élan vital or pure mechanism?  Life in a Newtonian universe

Sun., Oct 28 @ 11:59pm                    Assignment 4 Due: Tree of Life  

Mon., Oct 29   David Haussler           The steam engine: Boltzmann’s thermodynamics (lecture 1)

Wed., Oct 31   Josh Deutsch             The steam engine: Boltzmann’s thermodynamics (lecture 2)

Fri., Nov 2       David Haussler           Computing and Life

Mon., Nov 5    David Haussler           Quantum mechanics, waves and feedback

Wed., Nov 7    Anthony Aguirre         Wheeler’s “it from bit”: is life, the universe and everything really just information? (lecture 2)

Fri., Nov 9       David Haussler            Quiz Day

Mon., Nov 12                                      Holiday – Veteran’s Day

Wed., Nov 14  David Haussler           Lab Tours


Fri., Nov 16     Stuart Russell             The rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence (lecture 1)

Sun., Nov 18 @ 11:59pm                   Assignment 5 Due: Machine Learning and Turing Test

Mon., Nov 19  David Haussler           The rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence (lecture 2)

Wed., Nov 21  David Haussler           You are never alone on the Internet

Fri., Nov 23                                         Holiday – Thanksgiving

Mon., Nov 26  Natalie Batalha            Life in the Universe

Wed., Nov 28  Drew Endy                  Can we build artificial life? (lecture 1)                       

Fri., Nov 30     David Haussler           Can we build artificial life? (lecture 2)

Sun., Dec 2 @ 11:59pm                     Assignment 6 Due: Genome Browser and Future of Life

Mon., Dec 3    David Haussler           Editing the genome to make new species: CRISPR changes the rules

Wed., Dec 5    David Haussler           Biomaterial hybrids: why just flesh or silicon?

Fri., Dec 7       David Haussler           Where are we going, intelligence explosion or self-destruction?

Thurs., Dec 13 David Haussler          Final