Resilience Project Seeking to Hire Students

The Game User Interaction and Intelligence Lab is developing an alternate reality game for first year students. To develop this game we will need to understand what first year students do and how they use their time within the campus. You will contribute to our understanding of your journey through the first year of school, including your experiences, challenges, schedules, and habits. This will assist us in developing an augmented reality game that is well targeted to your routines and schedule.
Throughout this study, you will respond to a series of brief online questions. Moreover, you will keep an online daily journal and record your everyday life. Data collection will take approximately ten minutes to complete each day. At the end of the first week and final day of this study, we will conduct a series of interviews, ask you some questions, and obtain your feedback on this study. This data and the interview will not be used for research and will not be kept anywhere, it is just going to be used to develop the game. Each participant will receive a $20 Amazon gift card to appreciate their help with this pilot study.
Please contact Shweta Sisodiya at with any questions or to apply.