Seeking Student interested in Product Marketing Opportunity

We're a group of New Grads building an exciting full stack web app that could be monetized down the road - Pathfinder: A crowdsourcing platform where any professional can share insights about their job concisely to help students navigate different career paths.

We are looking for a student interested in becoming our Product Marketing Partner.  This is your chance to be a partner of a fast startup to materialize an idea into an actual real product that will be used by many people, which will also be a huge resume booster of course. 

This is an unpaid part time role with super flexible schedule. 

Job Description:

1. Product - learn case studies of what other startups do and apply it to what we do.

2. User Interviews - Conduct interviews on our users to test our prototypes 

3. Digital Marketing: outreach - cold emailing industry professionals/connecting with startup founders

4. Digital Marketing: Content Creation - Utilizing different social media accounts to create marketing content

Preferred qualities:

1. You're a great writer. Have experience writing blog posts, etc.

2. You are highly motivated to learn new concepts around Product, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, recruiting, growth, etc.

If you're interested in the above position or just want to learn more, email with your resume.