Slug Security - Embedded Security Competition 2024

Slug Security, UCSC's Cybersecurity Club, is looking for competitors for UCSC's 2024 MITRE eCTF team. Additional information on the Embedded Capture the Flag Competition can be found on MITRE's eCTF site. The competition is split into two phases, the design phase and the attack phase. The design phase is where the team will be building some embedded application on a microcontroller, while ensuring security requirements are met. The attack phase is where the team will be attacking other teams' designs to capture flags.

In the 2023 competition, UCSC's team secured 2nd place. Our eCTF 2023 blog post is available online and our previous codebase is public for anyone to view on GitHub.

If you are interested, please review the information document and apply at this Google Form (CruzID restricted) by December 1st, 2023.

For any questions please reach out to or visit