Ever found yourself stranded, waiting for a campus shuttle that's late or lost? Do you wish you had real-time updates on exactly when your ride is arriving? If so, SlugLoop, a new app from UC Santa Cruz, is here to transform your transit experience!

Born out of CruzHacks 2023, SlugLoop is a student-created app aimed at making transportation around the UC Santa Cruz campus more efficient and convenient. We've worked tirelessly since our beta phase, refining and enhancing features based on your feedback.

We're always eager for more suggestions on how we can improve. Your input will help us make SlugLoop an indispensable tool for all UC Santa Cruz students. Together, we can make campus transportation as seamless as possible.

Check us out at If you have any questions, suggestions, or bugs to report, don't hesitate to use our "Contact Us" form on the SlugLoop website. We're all ears and ready to make your commuting experience better!

Upgrade your campus commute today with SlugLoop!