Social Justice and Sustainability SOCY 30A

Undergraduate students of any major interested in hands-on social justice and sustainability are invited to check out  SOCY-30A, led by the Everett Program. The Everett Program is an interdisciplinary leadership-development program at UCSC for students passionate about becoming change makers.

We are a student-led organization that works alongside local and international non-profit organizations to support social change and sustainability projects using the tools of technology, entrepreneurship, and research. Everett Students are challenged academically while being fully supported by peers and staff in the process of transforming their passions into meaningful projects.

This social innovation opportunity leaves students with the practical skills necessary to get their projects funded and then implemented during the spring or summer, increased confidence in being a leader, and relationships with a community that does not just talk about changing the world but makes it a priority to do so.  

So whether you are passionate about food justice, prison reform, or global climate change, we’d like to invite you to enroll in SOC 30A fall quarter to learn to tackle global issues with technology, while fulfilling GE requirements. All majors are welcome. You don’t need any tech or project development experience going in because the program is designed to train you to have the skills to run a successful project.

Join the Everett family to do hands on work you will feel good about and see positive change happen in communities around the world!
For more information, please see the Everett Program web site or stop by our office in Social Science 2 room 47. 

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