The Spring 2022 ACE Application is Now open!

Dear Students,


We would like to share with you an incredible academic support program at UC Santa Cruz called the Academic Excellence (ACE) Program!


ACE is a community of students dedicated to academic excellence who work together in active learning sessions and peer mentoring sessions to help each other master the concepts taught in class. Not only do ACE students pass their classes at higher rates, but they also tend to earn more A and B grades than non-ACE students. You may Visit our website to learn more about the ACE Program.


This spring, ACE will be supporting a variety of science and math courses, listed on our ACE Session Schedule page. Also - don’t forget to check out our ACE  student testimonials video to see what our students say about ACE!


To apply: visit our Online Application 


Applications are due on Friday, March 18th


Space is limited, so we recommend applying sooner rather than later!



Why Join ACE?