Spring 2023 Pathways to Grad School

What: MERR 35A: Pathways to Graduate School - Phase 1, 2 Units.

This is the first part of a 2-part class series guiding students from graduate school exploration through application and preparing for the grad school environment. The second course (MERR 35B) is offered in the fall. 

When: Spring 2023, Thursdays from 3:20-4:55

Where: On campus, in-person, Merrill Academic 132

Who: Sophomores and juniors in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Latinx, EOP, and other underrepresented students are prioritized and especially encouraged to express interest in the course. 

How: Students who would like to be part of the course, can fill out the interest form to request a permission code. 

For more information: 

  • Check out our webpage and ongoing list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).  

  • Contact Sara Sanchez with any further questions at: ggrad2@ucsc.edu.