Stem Cell Internships in Laboratory-based Learning (SCILL) at San Jose State University Presentation

Event Date/Time
January 24, 2023, 3:00pm
Event Location
BioMed 300

The San José State University Stem Cell Internships in Laboratory-based Learning (SJSU SCILL) is a two year program that trains graduate students in stem cell biology. During the second year a full-time paid internship will be offered to students where they'll receive hands on lab training among high quality biotech companies and academic labs. Some of the program's partners include Stanford University, UC Santa Cruz, Amgen, Notable Labs, Dorian Therapeutics, Neurona and SRI International. Participating in this program will also lead to a Master's degree in the department of Biological Sciences at San Jose State

The program provides: A $3000/month stipend and $8000 towards tuition (both offered only during the 2nd year of the program)

Deadline to apply: March 1st 2023

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You can also read more about the program by visiting the link below