STEP Prep: Getting Ready to Apply with Google

Did you know about Google's STEP?

It is the Student Training in Engineering Program, and if you are reading this, you MUST check it out! 

Follow this link to Google's STEP page to learn more about the highly coveted training and job prep this program provides.

The STEP program is designed to prepare budding engineers like you for a job in complex computer engineering and technology at Google, but the application pool is competitive, the program has qualifications, and submitting your application materials requires some preparation.

That is why Google is hosting a series of virtual events that will help prepare students to apply to STEP. 

The events include info sessions with Googlers (Google engineers) and STEP Interns, resume workshops, opportunities for application feedback, connections with industry professionals, and much more. 

If you are a 1st or 2nd year student interested in a computer science/engineering career - specifically one at Google - then this conference is made for you! 

STEP is not only designed for aspiring computer engineers in general, but strives to provide this specialized knowledge and training to historically underrepresented groups in the industry. BIPOC, Latinx, Hispanic, non-gender conforming, and differently abled engineers are strongly encouraged to attend these prep courses and apply to STEP! 

Register for the prep courses here!