Technology & Information Management Electives

Please refer to the UCSC General Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites. For current course offerings, refer to the Baskin School of Engineering Course Web Pages and the Economics Course Offerings pages

Economics Electives (1 required) Students can use any 5 unit upper division Econ course not already required for the major numbered 100-190. The following Economics courses are strongly recommended for TIM majors:

  • ECON 100B Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • ECON 101 Managerial Economics
  • ECON 115 Introduction to Management Sciences
  • ECON 130 Money and Banking
  •  ECON 131 International Financial Markets
  •  ECON 133 Security Markets and Financial Institutions
  •  ECON 135 Corporate Finance
  •  ECON 136 Business Strategy
  •  ECON 161A Marketing

School of Engineering Electives (2 required) Students can use any 5-unit upper division or graduate School of Engineering courses with these exceptions:

1. Either AMS 131 or CMPE 107 but not both

2. At most one independent study or field-study course (193, 195, 198, 199) with prior approval from the Department The list below are suggestions for SOE electives and does not list every possible course that could count as an elective.

Applied Mathematics & Statistics

  • AMS 129 Foundations of Scientific Computing for Scientists and Engineers  

  • AMS 131 Introduction to Probability Theory 

  • AMS 147 Computational Methods and Applications

Computational Media

  • CMPM 131 User Experience in Interactive Media 

  • CMPM 150 Creating Digital Audio 

  • CMPM 151 Algorithmic Music for Games 

  • CMPM 178 Human-Centered Design Research

Computer Engineering

  • CMPE 100/L Logic Design

  • CMPE 107 Probability and Statistics for Engineers 

  • CMPE 110 Computer Architecture 

  • CMPE 151/L Advanced Computer Networks

Computer Science

  • CMPS 101 Algorithms and Abstract Data Types

  • CMPS 109 Advanced Programming 

  • CMPS 121 Mobile Applications

  • CMPS 128 Distributed Systems: File Sharing, Online Gaming, and More 

  • CMPS/TIM/Econ 166A Game Theory and Applications I 

  • CMPS 183 Web Applications

Electrical Engineering

  • EE 180J Advanced Renewable Energy Sources

Technology & Information Management

  • TIM 145 Introduction to Data Mining 

  • TIM 165 Decision Analysis in Management  

  • TIM/Econ/CMPS 166A Game Theory and Applications I 

  • TIM 193* Field Study (*requires prior approval from the department)