UCSC Competitive Math Team is Searching for Officers and Student Recruits!

The  2021 Putnam Competition will be on February 20th! There is only one more meeting until the unofficial competition. This is a good opportunity to gain some practice and familiarity with the Putnam before the official one. 

The UCSC Competitive Math Team is still searching for alumni or student officers to assist students in weekly meetings. These officers will help lead study sessions about once a week. Students of all skill levels of mathematics are welcome to join the team. Alumni of UCSC with a focus on mathematics or computer science are encouraged to join as well. 

We will have weekly meetings every Saturday from 12-1pm PST on the team's Discord server. 

Feel free to join the server to collaborate or simply hang out with your cohort of like-minded peers! If you are interested in volunteering as an officer/director of education or have any questions, please contact Chris at ctoukmaj@ucsc.edu or pm him in the server. As always, your participation is greatly appreciated!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/c7KETvRDWC