UCSC Launches New GE Courses Made for YOU!

Aspiring engineers: Your technology will shape our future! 

You will build the world of tomorrow with your amazing talents, but who are you building it for?


The specialized skills in computing, bioinformatics, biotechnology, robotics, electronics, and programming that you are gaining at university will be sought out by companies that are now, more than ever, seeking engineers enriched by knowledge of humanistic concerns!


Your capacity to show employers that you are not just a talented engineer, but a culturally informed, equity-minded innovator will place you a cut above other candidates applying to companies increasingly characterized by diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


This is why UCSC is thrilled to bring you the Humanizing Technology Certificate Program (HTCP).


The Humanities Division has  developed an exciting new series of courses designed for budding engineers like YOU to explore issues about humanity and technology in conversation with experts in the study of the human experience. 


Pass three of the courses listed below to receive the Humanizing Technology Certificate. 


HUMN 15 Ethics and Technology


HUMN 25 Humans and Machines

HUMN 35 Language Technology

HUMN 45 Race and Technology

HUMN 55 Technologies of Representation

LIT 126H Artificial Intelligence and Human Imagination

Researchers help to guide the future of technology


There are no prerequisites and you can take the courses in any order you choose. Each course fulfills a different GE requirement. Not interested in pursuing the certificate program but would like to take a Humanizing Technology course? The six courses are open to all UCSC undergraduate students. We encourage engineering students to take at least one of these courses. More information can be found on the Humanizing Technology website.