Undergraduate Internship Opportunity for Electrical Engineering/Other Majors


Do you love plants? Specifically cacti? Specifically the prickly pear cactus? Do you also want renewable energy that will help the environment and our ecosystems in the future? Well, the Living Solar Panels Team here at UCSC headed by ENVS Ph.D. student Charlie Chesney is trying to make solar panels out of these fascinating succulents! If that piques your interest, then reach out to us because we're looking for 2 Electrical Engineering Majors with any of the skills mentioned above. Soldering skills are not required but adequacy in working with circuits/circuit boards and some coding knowledge are highly needed. If you're interested in a very interdisciplinary lab environment where you may learn subjects way different from your major, then come join us! Send your resume and why you would be perfect to join our team to: cmchesne@ucsc.edu