Undergraduate Researcher Needed for UCSC Genomics Institute

My name is Julian Lehrer. I'm an Applied Mathematics M.S. student working at the UCSC Genomics Institute. I'm looking for undergraduates, ideally in CS, who would be interested in assisting with research in the following areas:

  1. Computer Vision

  2. Data visualization

  3. Data engineering / data collection (for gene expression data of cortical brain organoids & primary human tissue, ECG data, other time series examples for a paper)

  4. Analysis of time series data (homogeneity testing using functional depth statistics)

  5. Machine learning with high dimensional / sparse feature space

And there are always plenty more projects in the works. No bio experience required but it would be a plus! I'm looking for strong programmers who are comfortable building data pipelines in Python and have ML and data visualization experience. If any of these sound interesting to you, please email me a short introduction and resume at jmlehrer@ucsc.edu. I look forward to meeting you!