Winter Opportunities in the Tech4Good Lab

The Tech4Good Lab has several positions open next quarter for undergraduate students from all majors. We are looking for people who are extremely responsible, love learning, and have a strong drive to apply technology for social good. For next quarter, we have positions doing the following types of work:


  • User research: interviewing and analyzing interviews to understand user needs and context, 

  • UI/UX design: designing and iterating on web interfaces in Figma,

  • Web development: coding an app using an Angular/NgRx/Firebase stack,

  • AI & economics: modeling economic systems using multiagent reinforcement learning,

  • NLP and ML: topic modeling and ML to clusters text responses or predict annotations,


You would be contributing to a variety of projects in the lab related to designing systems to better support the future of education, work, and community engagement. Some of the platforms we are working on include:


  • An app aimed at scaling apprenticeship learning, which supports people in learning through micro-roles while supporting non-profits as they learn,

  • An app aimed at microlearning through small groups to create learning environments supporting curiosity, creativity, and relationships,

  • An app containing short activities for team/group community building, and also creating "small group networks" that can facilitate interesting collective goals,

  • An app aimed at supporting chat-based career mentorship between industry professionals and groups of students,


Joining requires a commitment of 10-15 hours/week for the quarter for 2-5 credits of independent study. If you are interested, fill out the Tech4Good Lab Interest Form. Teams will mostly be determined based on applications submitted by the end of Week 7 on 11/11, but you should feel free to continue submitting afterwards if you missed the deadline (and if full, we’ll consider you for the following quarter).


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